The Story of Jeff Pagels - Always Climb Higher Paperback Book

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  • Paperback - 182 pages
  • CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • 1 edition (July 25, 2014)
  • English

The story of comeback from a devastating spinal cord injury in 1984 to Jeff Pagels and how he came back to be the fastest USA Nordic Disabled Skier in the world.


Additional Information:

Prior to 1984, Jeff was a top-notch able-bodied athlete. In College, he was an All-American Swimmer. As a teenager and into his thirties, he was a top ranked canoe and kayak racer having won many marathon races all over the United States. He also completed the prestigious 55-mile Birke Cross Country Ski Race 6 times as well as many triathlons.

Jeff Pagels received his label, disabled, in 1984 when a tree fell on him. A wheelchair user since then, he has gone on to become the USA's most decorated cross-country skier with 5 Paralympic medals. In 1995, Jeff turned to competing with himself rather than beating up on other people. His venue is all outdoors including many of the highest places in this world. He is always trying to go deeper into the woods and climbing higher. Jeff spends much of his time helping others to challenge themselves in the outdoors while enjoying his retirement much of the time in his 16 foot Lund Fishing Boat.

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