Serfas Drifter City with FPS Tire (pair) - 25" (559mm)

Product Description:

  • 69 durometer rubber
  • Integrated armour casing
  • Inverted tread
  • Flat protection system (FPS)
  • 25" (559mm) x 1.5" & 2.0"
  • Sold as pair



Additional Information:

This Serfas Drifter City tire with FPS and an inverted tread is one of the most popular dual sport tires. The Drifter handles exceptionally well on pavement, light duty trails, or take them to your favorite dirt road. The inverted tread along with the firm 69 durometer rubber and the FPS makes for a durable tire with excellent speed and minimal rolling resistance. Available in 25" (559mm) x 1.5" or 2.0". The 1.5" tire weighs 600g, the 2.0" tire weighs 850g, with 65 psi.


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