IDEA Kayak Seat - Low Level

IDEA Kayak Seat - Low Level

Product Description:

  • Back height approx 16 inches
  • Seat width approx 16 inches


Additional Informaton:

My kayak seats were designed by me personally after paddling with a variety of disabilities and carefully analyzing specific needs. Each seat frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum, all back heights and widths are near 16 inches and covered in a durable waterproof material which can be easily adjusted to fit the individual user. Always sit on a seat cushion when using these seats and never strap yourself to the seat in any way. Always wear a PFD. I’ve used the High Level Seat for 25 years.

This Low Level Kayak Seat is for the individual with a very low spinal injury, someone with lower back problems or the person who just wants more back support and comfort while on the water. It is placed on the existing seat and secured in place with straps. Back height and width are approx 16 inches.

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